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Our Services

Technology has permanently changed the investing landscape. Due to this, standing out from competitors in the capital markets has become significantly harder. We are here to fix that.

Media Relations

  • Database of 3,000 financial media outlets and journalists including contacts from Forbes, Investopedia, Bloomberg, MarketWatch, Huffington Post, Business Insider and more
  • Top quality media placements including: radio, TV and top-tier news publications 
  •  Develop strategic influencer networks for company news dissemination
  • Leverage industry recognized financial bloggers and writers
  • Identifying new media opportunities for your organization

Targeted Ads, Lead Generation and Social Media

  • Proprietary lead generation at scale using pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements on popular social channels and online investor networks
  • Custom retail investor audiences (lookalike and retarget)
  • Automated lead generation software implementation and database management 
  • Investor-focused digital advertisements and management
  • Monthly performance reporting (data analytics)
  • Social media growth, content creation and 24/7 management 

Investor Relations

  • Email marketing campaigns & investor outreach
  •  News release assistance, publishing and dissemination
  • Relationship development with brokers, investors, shareholders, analysts and fund managers
  • Daily I/O telephone IR services
  • Inbound communication management
  • Exposure to retail investors on non-traditional channels
  • Financing support and fundraising initiatives
  • Roadshow preparation and representation 

Go Public Strategy, RTO and IPO Consultancy

  • Getting ready to go public
  • Due diligence requirements 
  • Sourcing public vehicles
  • Reverse take overs (RTO’s)
  • Capital alternatives – Capital Pool Corporations (CPC’s)
  • Decades of experience listing on TSX-V, CSE and OTC
  • Creating measurable market awareness pre-IPO and post-IPO 
  • Introductions to capital and financial groups

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