Senergy Communications Capital Inc.

Our Services

Our mission is straight forward. We strive to strengthen our clients’ reputations and provide scaleable investor awareness using online methods. We’ve developed a set of highly unique services that are proven to attract and engage new investors, and nurture existing shareholder relationships.

Investor Relations

Public companies choose Senergy for our unique and modern approach to investor relations. By combining data-driven marketing strategies with traditional investor relations services, we never miss new opportunities to reach and engage new investors for your company. Senergy has a diversified network of retail and institutional investors, influencers, brokers, and analysts that would love to hear your story and help you achieve your goals. Our programs are full-service, meaning we cover all of the key aspects and functions of investor relations.

Investor Awareness

Awareness is the first step in any investor’s journey. Before they commit their capital, they must first know who you are and how you differentiate from other public issuers. At Senergy, we leverage every available online resource to increase awareness and engagement with prospective shareholders. We position our clients as thought leaders on social media platforms and forums – like Reddit, Discord, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Through this multi-faceted approach, we capture investors’ attention at scale.

Digital Marketing and Social Media

We make sure your message gets placed in front of the right audience at the right time. Your ads will be featured on 2,000+ financial websites and retarget people who have previously engaged with your brand. Our team leverages search, display, native, social and email advertising methods to create a large community of fans and generate thousands of investor leads on behalf of your company. Once leads are generated, we follow up directly with each and every one of them. It’s the full deal with no strings attached. Senergy has managed over $2M in digital ad campaigns for public companies and knows exactly how to maximize your marketing budget, without breaking the bank.

Financial communications AND MEDIA

Without a powerful communications strategy, your company has no voice and no ability to educate shareholders and potential investors. Senergy creates compelling content in all forms, and we leverage that content across the web. Our graphics, videos, email campaigns, landing pages, and editorials help your company stand out from the competition, resulting in targeted visibility in the online investment community. We also have a strong network of financial media channels, writers and influencers who will share your story to the world.

Reporting and Analytics

Senergy uses real-time data and online analytics to build measurable reports, every single month. By implementing website trackers and cutting-edge marketing software, we’re able to measure performance, investor engagement, and valuable KPIs. This allows us to fine tune our marketing campaigns, assuring they are always optimized for success and reaching the right audience.