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Exceptional Management Team

Track record in exploration success, mine development and M&A.

Clean Capital Structure

Significant ownership by board and management with respectable skin in the game.

Near Term Catalysts

Resource expansion potential and assay results pending, following up previously-drilled bonanza grades.

Emily Manganese District

The Emily District in central Minnesota is part of the Cuyana Iron Range. Particularly from the 1930s through the 1950, miners including U.S. Steel and Pickens Mather mined the region for manganese-rich iron ores that were used to harden the steel used in wartime production.

After peaking in 1953, iron ore mining has ceased at the Cuyana Iron Range, but high-grade manganese remains.

The Emily District contains the highest-grade manganese resource in North America and one of the highest globally.

Grade comparison-global manganese development companies (published resources).

Electric Metals’ Emily Project consists of 368 acres of mineral rights in the Emily District. The deposits on the site are formally called manganese-enriched banded iron. According to a NI 43-101 Resource Estimate prepared in mid-2022, this acreage contains 5.7 million tons of indicated manganese resources at a manganese grade of 19.2%

The mining site has significant built-in advantages. A processing plant complete with pumping equipment has already been built, along with transport and storage facilities, and road improvements. In addition, power and natural gas is readily available, and major highways, ports and airports are easily accessible. In essence, Electric Metals benefits from its location nearby some of the biggest iron ore mines in North America even though none are currently operating in the Cuyana Range.

In early February 2023, Electric Metals commenced a planned 27-hole drilling hole program to expand and better understand the size of its manganese resource. Importantly, the NI 43-101 estimated size of the resource is predicated only on seven drill holes located on a small section of the deposit. It is possible that assay results from this program could suggest the resource is actually much large in size and scope.

Aerial view of the Emily processing plant and associated infrastructure.

Manganese Demand Expected To Grow Dramatically

More than 90% of mined manganese is still used in steel manufacturing to prevent corrosion and increase hardenability, but high-purity manganese is now a key element in the battery cathodes of electric vehicles and in energy storage systems. Manganese has a high energy density and is much cheaper than cobalt, a competing battery cathode material.
Already, manganese utilization in the new energy industry represents about 40% of the global market value of the silvery metal even though less than 10% of mined magnesium is devoted to this sector. Both the number of mined tons of magnesium allocated to the energy revolution and the market value of these tons should continue to rise dramatically for the foreseeable future. Importantly, no manganese is currently mined in North America. Given its importance to the electrification of the region’s transportation industry, the U.S. remains committed to building a domestic manganese supply chain.

Electric Metals is a play on the growing demand for battery-grade manganese in the 21st century economy, coupled with the U.S.’s urgent goal to create a domestic supply chain for the valuable metal. Furthermore, the Emily Project is a Tier 1 mining location in an established mining region with virtually all necessary infrastructure already in place.

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Capital Markets Summary:

As of April 28, 2023

Electric Metals (TSXV: EML) (OTCQB: EMUSF)

5 reasons why Electric Metals should be on your radar...


The company is focused on manganese, an energy-dense metal that promises to play a leading role in the rapidly growing electric vehicle and energy storage industries for the foreseeable future.


Electric Metals’ flagship Emily Project is the highest grade manganese resource in North America. No manganese is currently produced in the U.S. or Canada, and the U.S. is committed to establishing domestic manganese supply. According to Statista, South Africa, the African country of Gabon, and China produce two-thirds of the world’s manganese.


Electric Metals commenced a 27-hole drilling program in early February 2023. If the assay results from that program show bonanza-grade manganese over a large area of the Emily Project, the resource may be larger than the current estimate. Over the next twelve months, the company expects to issue a revised NI 43-101 resource estimate, as well as a Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) based on that new estimate.


Electric Metals’ experienced team has a track record of exploration success, mine development and M&A.


Equally important, Electric Metals’ Board of Directors and management own almost one-third of the company, far higher than insider ownership stakes at most junior mining companies.

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